2014/04/01: A window opens on to the Big Bang Discovery of gravitational waves sheds light on the birth of the universe and provides a final validation of Einstein. Philip Dooley reports.
2014/04/01: Cuckoos evolve to be useful freeloaders Scientists have found out why crows are happy to raise cuckoos along with their own young. It's a protection racket, Yi-Di Ng discovers.
2014/04/01: Stacking the deck to crack the code Mathematics leads the way in the shadowy world of secret codes and ciphers but playing cards are the way to go when the secret police come snooping. By Jason England.
2014/04/01: Nanoscale tricks with light Brilliant colour that comes from nanoscale structures.
2014/03/25: Man-made earthquakes cause seismic rumblings Once dismissed as a ludicrous notion, scientists now say human activities such as mining, dam-building and fracking can cause temblors.
2014/03/25: Elephants show ear for human language Elephants can distinguish the voices of dangerous men from friendlier folk.


BRAIN FEATURE PIC Holodeck: Mapping the human brain FEATURED vdb141 Galactic ghosts Fluorescent brain cells Secret world of cells
Panoramic view of the WR 22 and Eta Carinae regions of the Carin Galactic wonders monkseal Ocean world Iceland weather Extreme weather
Simulation theory by Joanne Anderton
Tranquility by O.J. Cade
Behind the First Years by Stewart C Baker

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